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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Viejas casas de película

Y empezamos con una de terror,
Psicosis y
su motel regentado por Norman.

If there was an award for Creepiest House Ever, we're pretty sure it would go to Norman Bates' imposing hilltop abode featured in the 1960 horror flick. If you've ever taken the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour, you know that the original Psycho set is still standing (though the house has been moved twice since it was originally built). Director Alfred Hitchcock allegedly modeled the Bates house on the Edward Hopper painting The House by the Railroad, a portrait of a Victorian home in Haverstraw, New York.

Top Gun.
Esta casa de dos habitaciones ha sido construida en 1887 es
una de las más antiguas casas de la playa de San Diego.
While many people may recognize this adorable two-bedroom Victorian cottage in Oceanside, California as the home of Kelly McGillis' character Charlie from the Tom Cruise flick Top Gun, the property has an interesting and storied past. It was built in 1887 by a man named Dr. Henry Graves, and according to an article on, it's one of the oldest beach cottages in San Diego County. The home was declared a historic property in 2005; the city of Oceanside has approved a $209 million dollar luxury hotel project set to break ground next year that will incorporate the recently restored bungalow perhaps as a gift store or coffee shop, according to the U-T San Diego.
El Gran Gatsby ( 2013 )
derroche de lujo en la mansión de Daysi
que ha conseguido dos premios Oscar.
Okay, so some of the exteriors of Jay Gatsby's palatial West Egg mansion in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby are the result of CGI magic, but most of what you see is a real-life building in Sydney, Australia: a former seminary that was covered in faux ivy for the film. According to an article in Architectural Digest, it took the set design team 14 weeks to build, paint, and decorate the interiors for Gatsby's mansion alone, including his luxurious grand ballroom, library, master bedroom, entrance hall, terrace, and gardens. It's also worth noting that we're entirely enamored of Nick Carraway's adjacent garden cottage and its Arts and Crafts-style interiors.

En Inglaterra Cameron Díaz (Amanda)
 disfruta de la cómoda soledad de esta casita rodeada de nieve hasta que
 Jude Law llama a su puerta.
El Descanso.

In this 2006 film, Iris (Kate Winslet), who lives in England, and Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who lives in Los Angeles, decide to swap homes for the holidays, so they can both escape their respective romantic woes. We definitely think Amanda gets the better end of the deal: Iris' fairytale country cottage, tucked in a quaint hamlet outside of London, is completely enchanting. Sadly, the cottage isn't real — a facade was built in the middle of an empty field that was extensively landscaped for the movie. But that doesn't mean you can't be inspired by the lovely interior sets, which you can see photos of at Hooked On Houses.
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El amor de Noah hacia Allie hace que persista en la idea
 de restaurar la casa con la que ambos habían soñado, a pesar de estar distantes.
El diario de Noah.

Sigh — The Notebook: Probably the most romantic home renovation ever captured on film. Of course we're talking about the house with the blue shutters and the wraparound porch — the historic home that Noah (Ryan Gosling) remodels in an effort to win back his love, Allie (Rachel McAdams). According to Hooked on Houses, the home used in the film is Martin's Point Plantation on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. The film crew doctored the circa 1770s home in order to make it look rundown for the pre-renovation shots.

Otra casa en la que han tenido que trabajar para su reforma
pero bajo un guión cómico,
Esta casa es una ruina (1986).

We think it's safe to say that the 1986 comedy, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, is the funniest home renovation movie ever. The 1890s Long Island mansion that starred as the hopelessly dilapidated house that the onscreen couple struggle to repair was owned by publisher Eric Ridder during the filming of the movie. The current homeowners, Rich and Christina Makowsky, bought the 5.4-acre estate in 2002, and they recently told the New York Times that their experience renovating the home was similar to the one depicted in the movie. Now that it's been completely overhauled, the property is on the market for $12.5 million. You can see photos of the house as it looks now here.

Esta es la mansión señorial por la que tanto luchó la señorita Escarlata en
 Lo que el viento se llevó (1939),
película galardonada con 10 estatuillas.


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